Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

Episode I - Hunt for the Sa Nalaor - Session 1

Session 1 - The Wheel

Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

HUNT for the SA NALAOR – Episode I
Session 1 – The Wheel

Aries YT-1300 Smuggler Crew:
Jax – Human Smuggler-Scoundrel (Ob 25 Debt to Jabba)
Droma Zheen – Aqualish Hired Gun-Heavy (Ob 25 Criminal associate of Jabba)
Gissk – Transdoshan Hired Gun-Enforcer (Ob 30 Gambling Addiction/Debt to Jabba)

Crew Obligation 80% – 82 No Obligation triggered

Scene 1 – Arrival at The Wheel (Death Stick Drop)
Jax docks the Aries in the prescribed cargo bay on the hangar levels. The drop contact, Shira (female Twi’lek black marketeer) takes care of the cargo administrator, paying cargo storage fees and bribes. The small drop (setup by Jabba) runs smoothly and without incident.
500c each (+Negotiation), and encoded credit stick to be returned to Jabba.

Scene 2 – Blasted Asteroid Cantina
Having some available time before the weapons pick-up at IsoTech, the crew steps into the Blasted Asteroid Cantina in the hangar decks for a drink or two, and information. The bartender directs Jax towards the rotund Corellian infochant in the large round corner booth.

Scene 3 – Infochant Waroon
Jax buys Waroon a bottle of Corellian Whiskey and negotiates an information rate, asking about inside information on IsoTech – Waroon reports the buzz about IsoTech’s recently retrieved hyperspace message pod from an old lost Separatist treasury ship, the Sa Nalaor. Waroon also warns Jax of IsoTech’s hostile competitors, the Rodian Yiyar Clan (Yiyar Salvage).
Corellian Whiskey 25c, information 15c.

Scene 4 – Weapons pick-up at IsoTech
Jax docks the ship in IsoTech’s cargo bay for the merchandise transfer. The crates are loaded, intitial transport and security fees are paid to the crew for the run 500c (+Negotiation).

Another one of Jabba’s runs, the weapons are to be delivered to Gormo the Hutt in the Corellian system. Gormo runs Gus Treta Market Station, named for the small Corellian moon it orbits. The crew will receive 1000c each upon delivering payment from Gormo to Jabba.

Scene 5 – A Business Proposition
Following the cargo transfer, Reom (Twi’lek president of IsoTech/arms dealer) meets the crew with a business proposition. He tells the tale of the lost treasury ship, the Sa Nalaor. He then relays recently gained knowledge of the lost ship’s approximate location. He wants the crew to find the lost ship and if possible retrieve any advanced Separatist cyber-ware he believes to have been on the treasury ship.

Scene 6 – Hyperspace Message Pod
The crew examines the pod, retrieving its point of origin, but no additional information.

Scene 7 – Sabacc at High Stakes and Hyperspace
With a few hours to kill, Jax and Gissk out to carouse the Wheel. Gissk meets Jokol (Duros bookie) at the High Stakes and Hyperspace gambling den/arcade, and has a few winning hands of Sabacc.

Scene 8 – Hired Gun
Droma heads back to the Aries for guard duty, getting comfy in one of the gunnery seats (Perception check failed).

Scene 9 – Rodian Yiyar Clan Kidnap IT-3PO
Jax receives a com-link message announcing the arrival of IT-3. Jax retrieves the gambling Transdoshan and they both head back towards the Aries. A minute later Jax receives another com-link saying a Rodians attacked them and grabbed IT-3!

Scene 10 – Gravsled Chase
As Jax and Gissk arrive, meeting Droma at their cargo bay, they hear what sounds like a 3PO series droid yelling in the cargo bay next to theirs. Investigating, they see 5 Rodians hop on a cargo floater gravsled with IT-3 and take off. The crew hop onto a gravsled nearby and the chase is on! As Jax (driving) catches up with the Rodian’s gravsled, Droma drops a grenade in the other gravsled injuring their crew and damaging the droid. The grenade topples their sled, Droma lunges, sinking his tusks into on of the Rodian’s cranium. Gissk retrieves the droid.

Scene 11 – Information Kiosk Security Alert
The smoke clears, and the crew discover the Rodian driver is still alive, but injured and unconscious. The automated kiosk starts flashing bright red lights, Master-Com issues a warning that security is on its way and demands all parties halt their fighting!

Session XP: 15
5 XP – Investigating IsoTech at the Blasted Asteroid Cantina (hanger deck), with new contact, infochant Waroon (Corellian)
5 XP – Meeting new bookie Jokol (Duros), and successful Sabacc game at the High Stakes and Hyperspace gambling den/arcade (hanger deck)
5 XP – Saving IT-3PO from the Rodian Yiyar clan (without blowing him up)

Next session: Departure from the Wheel – Wait for security and explain four dead Rodian salvage operators lying over a grenade blast, or a quick blast off without clearance?


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