Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

Episode I - HUNT for the SA NALAOR - Session 2

Session 2 - Welcome to the Jungle

Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

HUNT for the SA NALAOR – Episode I
Session 2 – Welcome to the Jungle: Cholganna

Aries YT-1300 Smuggler Crew:
Jax: Human Smuggler-Scoundrel / Slicer (Ob 20 Debt to Jabba)
Droma Zheen – Aqualish Hired Gun-Heavy (Ob 20 Criminal associate of Jabba)
Parker: Human Smuggler-Thief (Ob 20 Obsession/Greed)
Grissk: Transdoshan Hired Gun-Enforcer (Ob 25 Gambling Addiction/Debt to Jabba)

Crew Obligation 85% – 36 Droma’s Obligation (Criminal) triggered

Scene 1 – Information Kiosk Security Alert
As the smoke clears, the crew discover the Rodian driver is still alive, but injured and unconscious. The automated kiosk starts flashing bright red lights, Master-Com issues a warning that security is on its way and demands all parties halt their fighting!

Scene 2 – Quick Departure

Scene 3 – Wheel Security Starfighters
Two Z-95 Headhunters

Scene 4 – Hyperspace Escape

Scene 5 – Cholganna
A sensor sweep locates the general area of crash site from debris and an escape pod.

Scene 6 – Escape Pod
The escape pod landed within a large crevasse, half buried in swamp water and covered in vines. Jax falls while climbing down the crevasse.

Scene 7 – Insect Swarm
Parker is swarmed by insects after he makes his way out to the pod with his climbing equipment. He drops a grenade killing off half the swarm, injuring himself in the process.

Scene 8 – Aboreal Octopi
While Parker is trying to fend off the insect swarm, a trio of aboreal octopi swing down from the trees, attacking the crew.

Scene 9 – Escape Pod Data
After things calm down, Parker removes the pods computer. Jax accesses the pods escape flight video.

Scene 10 – Back to the Aries
Jax falls again while climbing out of the crevasse.

Session XP: 15
5 XP – Departing the Wheel
5 XP – Deadly Cholganna (Aboreal Octopi and insect swarm)
5 XP – Locating escape pod flight video

Next session: Welcome to the Jungle!


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