Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

Episode I - HUNT for the SA NALAOR - Session 3

Session 3 - Crash Site

Austin STAR WARS on the Edge

HUNT for the SA NALAOR – Episode I
Session 3 – Crash Site

The Aries YT-1300 Smuggler Crew:
Jax: Human Smuggler-Scoundrel / Force Exile (Ob 25 Debt to Jabba) –David
Droma Zheen – Aqualish Hired Gun-Heavy (Ob 20 Criminal associate of Jabba) –Sean
Parker: Human Smuggler-Thief (Ob 20 Obsession/Greed) –Troy
Dr Dashu: Chiss Colonist-Doctor (Ob 25 Drug Addiction) –Aaron

This session, Dr Dashu (Chiss Doctor) replaces Gissk (Transdoshen Enforcer) as a crew member. For the storyline… Dr Dashu joins the crew at the Wheel, hired by Reom for the current treasury ship hunt. Alternatively, Gissk mysteriously disappears in the jungle of Cholganna following the escape pod discovery.

Crew Obligation 85% – No Obligation triggered

Previously…Welcome to the Jungle: Cholganna

Scene 1 – Engine Section Lake Dam
Approaching the valley of crash debris from the south reveals a lake, dammed from a large ship hulk. Scanning the wreckage reveals that it’s the aft section of a Banking Clan frigate, with more debris scattered to the north.

Scene 2 – Landing Area
The Aries lands in a small clearing on the east bank of the lake.

Scene 3 – Climb to the Wreckage
Jax falls while climbing the steep, rocky outcropping leading to the engine section.

Scene 4 – Exploring the Engine Section
Nothing of value is found within.

Scene 5 – Climb Back Down
Jax falls multiple times, falling unconscious. Dr Dashu applies his skills.

Scene 6 – Landing Beneath the Forest Canopy
Rather than risk another dangerous climb to the main hull crash site to the north side of the lake, Jax flies the ship under the forest canopy, landing a short half hour hike from the main hull.

Scene 7 – Hike to the Main Hull

Scene 8 – Old Encampment and Burial Site

Scene 9 – Cyber Nexu!

Session XP: 10

Next session: Main Hull Madness


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